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Small Systems Engineering

Jeremy Gugenheim FRSA

Small Systems Engineering today is a multidisciplinary consultancy. It provides responsible, authoritative expertise across a number of market sectors gained from many years' experience and an insatiable appetite for learning new technologies.

Jeremy Gugenheim has experience in a wide range of disciplines and has been involved in software (both application and real-time control), web design, book editing, video editing, manual writing for a very long time. He brings with him, as well as all this experience, a down to earth and honest approach to business. The belief that an open, good natured approach and a deep understanding of a client's requirements are fundamental to a successful project. His belief that software could become a better place to be if genuine interest, care and elegant design is applied has introduced him to the work of the RSA, of which he is a fellow.

Some of the things Jeremy has been involved with (in and out of Small Systems) are: